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Gourmet cuisine

The restaurant
tradition and modernity

A well-kept environment with a family atmosphere, where you can enjoy genuine dishes prepared on the same day, packaged with creativity and wisdom, combining seasonality and good taste in a balanced way in search of the right compromise between food and nutrition.

The tradition of South Tyrolean cuisine and modernity come together in our dishes. All the ingredients we use are expertly selected for you. Homemade pasta and desserts, meat, are some of the specialties we offer.

Our philosophy is based on the choice of a cuisine that respects the tradition and flavors of the past of our territory, through the use of quality raw materials and the preservation of the typical characteristics of local products. Hence the proposal of traditional South Tyrolean dishes revisited and reinterpreted with creativity in a contemporary way, with constant attention to the seasonality of the products.

Opening time

8:00 am – 10:00 am
American breakfast with large buffet

10:00 am – 13:00 pm
continental / italian breakfast

19:00 pm – 22:00 pm
Surprise menu, 5 courses

South Tyrolean dishes

We offer the classic dishes of the South Tyrolean tradition through gastronomic preparations that are the synthesis of careful research on the raw material, the combination of ingredients and traditional and innovative cooking techniques. All in the name of freshness, originality and simplicity.

Specialties interpreted in a modern way created with fresh seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, all of the highest quality await you. Organic products, preferably from the farms of the Valley or produced in South Tyrol.

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